World Touring Network-Japan (WTN-J)

WTN-J is Japan's overland motorcycle touring forum. Our main objective is to provide a place for those interested in this unique form of travel to share information and experiences.

We hold camp meetings and other events where motorcycle travelers - both experienced and prospective -- can get together. We also host presentations of riders' past tours. Our website in Japanese is another forum where members exchange information.

If you are an overland motorcyclist visiting Japan, you can find information on motorcycle touring in Japan on one of our members' website: . This should have all the information you need to get in to, out of, and around Japan.

Please send us an e-mail if you visit Japan. Our members would like to meet with you during your visit. Please note, however, that WTN-J is not able to promise support with customs etc. Some individual members may be available to help you with logistics for your trip in Japan, but we don't have the resources to promise support.

Contact the World Touring Network-Japan at :